Company Facts
Company Name: WISE-CONCETTI Communication Technology Limited Company
(Short Name: WISE-CONCETTI Ltd., WCL)
Establishment Date: May 9, 2005
Capital Amount: 120,000 USD
Address: 5th floor, Kinh Do Tower, 93 Lo Duc Street, Hai Ba Trung dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
Telephone: +84 4 2221 1927
Fax: +84 4 2221 1929
Business Scope: Translation, Localization, DTP, Testing, Engineering
CEO: Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung

Lucky Meeting
November 2004 to March 2005, there was a series of discussion to set up a joint-venture company in Vietnam between Wise SerTech Inc and Concetti group. At that time, we could not imagine that we can develop a big localization company as now a day. It was lucky meeting arranged by God.

Smooth Starting & Fast growing
On 12 March 2005, WISE SerTech, Inc and CONCETTI group have signed the Joint Venture Contract. On 12 April 2005, Wise-Concetti Communication Technology Joint Venture Company has awarded Investment license by Hanoi Department of Planning & Investment. It seems there was no barrier for us to go ahead. Office lease, capital contribution, office fit-out, installing computers and network system and hiring employees completed on 9 May 2005. This day also was Opening Ceremony of Wise-Concetti JVC. Since that time, Wise-Concetti Ltd has grown very fast with average yearly growth of 200%.

First big automotive localization project
In November 2005, a Japanese worldwide automotive company has selected Wise-Concetti to be its localization vendor and awarded first big projects (400K words). Then a series of big projects from this client and other Japanese clients come to us, Such as eLearning Workshop manuals (1.2 M words), HCM (600K word - VI, Thai, Indo).

First huge ERP localization project
October 2007, we have been born to handle big projects. One of the biggest US software companies has awarded us a huge ERP localization projects (2.5 M words). This project has been completed within 14 months by a team of 16 linguists with excellent quality.

Move office to expand capacity
November 2007, to handle huge ERP project, we have to move office to expand our capacity to 45 employees.
It's remarkable event.

PMS deployment
December 2007, the need of high quality project management at large scale, we deployed Project Management System (PMS). It is our ERP system to manage high quality projects. Also, it is our infrastructure to build our Total Quality Management System complied with ISO 9001:2008.

Open Jakarta office - Fist step to be regional MLV.
June 2008, in order to meet our client's demand increasing more and more, we opened Jakarta office with capacity of 13 employees. Now, Jakarta office is handling a lot of big projects (some millions words).

First big Medical & Health care project
September 2008, a big medical & healthcare project (3 millions words) was awarded to us by a big US MLV. It's also a remarkable event with us.

ISO qualification
June 2009, our experiences and qualification of management have been matured. ISO 9001:2008 Certificate has been awarded to us. We are proud of that we are unique ISO certified company in Vietnam and very rarely ISO certified company in South East Asia.

First big Software testing & Mobile localization project
July 2009, one of world biggest US IT company has awarded us a big Mobile localization project (12 languages, and full services). This event also remarks that we are full services & regional MLV.

Success Repeated: Second huge ERP localization project
April 2010, Second huge ERP localization project (some millions words) has been awarded to us. This means that our qualification is matured.

Open BangKok office
July 2011, we opened Bangkok office to meet increasing clients’ demand and to improve quality though control it directly by regular employees. The number of employee will be increasing according to the client requirements.

Vision and Mission
By maximizing company value, we provide customers with the best quality of technology and service, and shareholders and employees with growing value.

Think customers as an origin of value creation, a partner of company growing and the first one
Maximize their value through stable and steady growth of company
Let employees to have entrepreneurship, individual value and support their development and improvement

To be a trusted Asian localization vendor for all Asian languages by year 2015 through best practice of localization project management

Management Policy
First to Customer
WISE-CONCETTI LTD has a target that is to provide customers with something more than they expect to get. In order to do this, all employees identify customers' requirement well and find the right solution. We try customer to get more value than they invest.
First to Quality
We establish and meet higher criteria in each field. We are proud of our quality and employees' dignity. We don't allow 2nd position in our service. Our mission basis is to provide our service and products on time. Superior of quality is not limited to service and products but is extended to hire highly motivated, qualified and challenging people and improve them.
Work Together
We respect individual employees' capability, do not cliquish and respect others, and work with harmonic teamwork. We recognize working together results in success by obtaining team's superior and do best to motivate employees to participate in their job voluntarily with excellent teamwork.
Share Value
We want all employees work pleasantly. We encourage employees to have open mind and attitude, and do best to make a working environment with trust each other and equal opportunity. We support employees to be able to achieve individual target and to devote company to meet target and priority. We invest to employees to improve their development and ability and also commit compensation for individual and team's success.

Mr. Wise Kim, MBA - Chairman of BOD
He has more than 20 years of experiences in translation and software localization industry as a project manager, sales manager and management team. Formerly he has worked for Bowne Global Solutions Korea as the general manager. Now he is the president and owner of WISE SerTech, Inc., WISE HR, Inc., and WISE Entive, Inc. in Korea.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung, Master of Engineering and MBA – Managing Director
Graduate from Vietnam National University - Information System Design, Tung entered Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) of Vietnam for a PM position of Swedish-Vietnamese government project. During this role, he was in charge of National 2 million USD project to set up the infrastructure of R&D organization within MoST. By this great experience, he acquired Master of Engineering Degree and also Master of Business Administration by financial support program BK 21 and SK Telecom. Immediately coming back to Vietnam after 3 years in Korea, in the role of Vietnam Operation Manager, Tung indicated himself to be a leading manager in word wide localization company. With all the related experience in the industry, he believes together with all talent team members to satisfy all the Wise-Concetti clients.

Mr. Nguyen Nam Chuc - CFO/Administration
He has more than 10 years of finance and administration.

Organization Chart

Tel. 84-4-2221-1927, Fax. 84-4-2221-1929, Email: <Click Here>
5th floor, Kinh Do Tower, 93 Lo Duc street, Hai Ba Trung dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
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