Translation and Localization
All translators need to combine several factors to make a project successful such as their translation skill, native language skill and specific subject matters' knowledge. So we classified all our translators into industry, language pair, tasks (translation, editing and proofreading) and quality level. It means that we can arrange resource in the appropriate project accordingly.

Localization is not simply translation, editing and proofreading. It may include some engineering jobs and modify or adapt language style or resize layout, measurement unit, date, notation and so on by country's law.

IT: Hardware, Software, Networking;
Business: Marketing, Financial/Banking, Legal, HR, Management;
Technical/Engineering: Automotive, Machinery, Instruments & devices, Electronic, Electric, Manufacturing,
Engineering .....;
Medical & Healthcare, Pharmacy & Chemicals and etc.
Telecom: Mobile

Language Pairs
English < > Vietnamese, Indonesian, Korean; (by in-house)
English < > Thai, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, … (by outsourcing)

Software localization
File preparation, Adaptation/Resizing, Build & Testing, Bug fixing
Type of software: OS, Applications, ERP/CRM, Embedded, Help…
Platforms: various OS on PC and Mac

Web localization
Web content, Add-on, Middle-wares, online help, e-learning, etc.

Multi-media localization
Voice-over, dubbing, sub-titling, sound recording, graphic engineering

Multilingual DTP
Art works
Graphic engineering
Data conversion/entry
DTP tools: Indesign, Illustrator, FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, Photoshop, etc.
Platform: PC & Mac

Value Added Services
Localization engineering: File preparation, project management, Linguistic testing, functional testing;
Linguistic engineering: TM align, Term extraction & build glossary;
Graphic engineering;
Sound engineering: Voice-over, subtitling, dubbing;
Content creation;
Content management;
Locale consulting.

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