Quality Statement
Ensure open, honest and prompt response between our company and clients
Perform collaborative services with experienced professionals able to provide quality work
Ensure that translation work is performed only by qualified translators, translating only into their mother tongue
Have and/or make available the necessary technical and logistical infrastructure to fulfill each task as outlined in
   client's project
Adhere to the quality standards and processes defined by the client and/or this manuals
Meet all deadlines as defined in project schedules and agreed between our company and clients
Respect the terms and conditions agreed between our company and clients
Guarantee that all project-related materials remain strictly confidential
Give the client all the assistance and service as defined by client's PM
Improve services quality continuously
Ensure error tolerance as agreed with clients or defined by Quality manual

Language Quality Assessment Target
Translation: QA1: Correctness > 99.2%
Editing (100% by internal resource): QA2: Correctness > 99.6%
SME Check
Proofreading (check with printed materials)
Final QA (Sample check): QA3: Correctness > 99.8%

Recruitment Process
Vendor recruitment: Search → Selections → interview → NDA → Test → Vendor agreement
Recruitment criteria: BA of linguistics, 2 year experience, good communication, professional attitude,
   Tool usage, QA process
Checking vendor's work: LQA Score > 99.2%
Vendor's performance evaluation: PASS rate > 99.20%
Internal Linguists
Search & Selection → Shortlist → Primary interview → Test (Linguistic competence, IT basics) → Final interview →
   Employment contract
University degree of linguistics, IT
Test's LQX (language quality index)

Training new employees
Tool usage: TRADOS, Outlook, PMS, …
LQA process: T → E → P → QA
Linguistic quality: Correctness, Errors, Style guide, Subject matters,…
Performance target: productivity, LQX
Internal regulations
Any new tools required by clients.
"PASS" training criteria: LQX → 80 & Correctness > 99.2%.

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