Standard Project Process
We follow below standard project process for most of projects to keep the consistent quality.
No. Task Process   Host Activities
AM 1. Service Specifications
   (TE, TEP, R, P..)
2. AFile formats & Expertise
3. Volume & deadline
AM 4. Quotation & Time frame > Approval
5. Confirm PO/WO & Deadline
6. Register project > Assign PM
PM-1 PM&LL 7. Prepare files & folders
8. Prepare TM & Glossary
9. Determine TEP process
10.Team set up, scheduling & jpb assign
QA 1>99.2%
Translator 11.Translating
12.Checking & Correction
13.Build error database
QA 2>99.6%
Editor 14.100% Examine translation
15.Error description & category
16.Corrective suggestion → 12
17.Check / Correction implementation
PR3 Reviewer 18.Ifrequired, review edited translation
19.Error description & category
20.Corrective suggestion → 17
QA 1>99.2%
Engineer 21.Layout/Formatting > Print PDF
22.Build > A dapt UI > Screen shot
23.Checking & Correction
QA 2>99.6%
24.Proof PDF/UI > Error description &
25.Corrective suggestion → 23
26.Check / Correction implementation
QA 3>99.8%
LL 27.Sample Final Check & Error
28.If QA3 < 99.8% → 26 / 17
29.Check / Correction implementation
PM-3 PM 30.Packing & zipping > Final verify
31.File transfer & Confirm receipt
32.Client's feedback → 29
33.PM Update TM & Glossary;
34.AM survey clirnt comments, evaluate
    client satisfaction, postmortem
AM-6 AM 35.Invoice
37.Complete & close project

Dedicated AM and PM
We have 3 dedicated AMs and 3 dedicated PMs. They are always listening to understand client's requirements to serve their clients better.
Account Manager is responsible for serving a certain group of clients. They are key contact point for receiving client's projects and their commercial issues (quotation, PO, collection, schedule).
Project Manager focuses on project quality & deadline
Clients can contact the dedicated AM and PM for their product localization.

ISO Qualification
We have awarded the Certificate of ISO 9001:2008 in June 2009. This means that our Quality Management System (QS) is set up and operated/controlled in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards. This system helps us to assure our project's quality improved continuously. Through this, we also constantly manage several matters such as error management, client's satisfaction management, root cause analysis, preventive measure and continuous improvement activities. Client can access our PMS for tracking our quality process. All clients' comments are highly appreciated to improve our project quality.

This system also benefits us to increase productivity, cut our edges and enhance our competitive price.

In-house Capacity
As you can see our capacity in the Resource menu, we have a big in-house capacity. So we can handle a huge project in a short time period for South-East Asian languages. Especially for Vietnamese, we don't outsource from the beginning time of company establishment. Instead, we are handling all projects from the clients by in-house resources to keep and improve quality. One of our commitments is that all projects must be done by native resources, so we open offices in Hanoi and Jakarta at present. And further, we are planning to setup offices in several countries in future according to clients' need.

Reasonable Cost
Compare with other vendors in same quality level, our price is very reasonable and competitive. Most of our clients have satisfied our services for a long time and they are working with us on long-term basis and require us to add more languages with competitive price and high quality. We are trying to keep competitive price by our QS, despite of inflation rate and labor cost is continuously increased.

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